Former St. Cloud State University professor, 'Star Trek' actor dies

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Having gone from the bridge of the Starship Enterprise to St. Cloud, Minnesota, where he ended a long career as a beloved professor, Bruce Hyde lived life boldly.

According to the St. Cloud Times, the former St. Cloud State University educator, who enjoyed a certain "niche" fame for having guest-starred in two episodes of the original "Star Trek," died this week at Quiet Oaks Hospice House, perhaps ironically located on Galaxy Road.

He appeared as crewman Kevin Riley in "The Conscience of the King" and "The Naked Time" – both Season One episodes – in 1966. The St. Could Times shared a YouTube clip of his memorable and humorous performance, which you can watch below:

Hyde told the paper that while he once thought people wouldn't have much interest in his brief turn as an Enterprise crew member, he eventually learned to embrace his place in the "Trek" canon.

Having retired a communication studies professor only last year, he died of throat cancer on Tuesday, KVSC says. He was a native of Texas.

The station noted his "influence" over his students over nearly 25 years of teaching, and quoted a colleague as saying Hyde was "loved and respected."

According to an interview with, Hyde had had an earlier bout with throat cancer, but still managed to meet with fans at convention appearances, the most recent of which was in Las Vegas in 2014.

He was humble about his brief acting career (which also included appearances on "That Girl" and "The Beverly Hillbillies"), but told the website he was "honored" to have his "little toe in pop culture history."

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