Former Twin Cities journalist publishes 'lost' Replacements photos


A former Twin Cities journalist who works for the marketing firm Fast Horse in Minneapolis has published some "lost" photos from The Replacements final concert in Chicago in 1991.

Bob Ingrassia, who's worked for the likes of the Pioneer Press, MPR and Internet Broadcasting in St. Paul, recently posted an article along with the photos on the The Fast Horse Blog, stamped with the clever headline, "Sorry, Ma, Forgot To Publish My Replacement Pictures."

The previously unseen photos are from the Minneapolis band's final show on July 4, 1991, at Grant Park during the Taste of Chicago celebration.

The Replacements -- also known as the 'Mats -- are the minds of music lovers again because of their RiotFest reunion gigs, 22 years after they quietly disappeared.

Ingrassia says he was in the front row of the show taking photos during the first three songs -- and it sounds like he wasn't even supposed to be there.

"Scammed my way in by getting press credentials, writes Ingrassia, "'Cuz I was an intern at the Peoria Journal Star."

Ingrassia said he took the pictures with his a camera his mom gave him, a Pentax 35mm SLR.

"Film camera, man. That was way before digital. Way before," Ingrassia quips.

You can see more Ingrassia's photos of the show -- and one of the 22-years younger photographer himself -- on The Fast Horse Blog.

And of course, if you want to see The Replacements live, you have two more chances, at least for the time being.

Fresh off their Toronto RiotFest gig, the reunited 'Mats -- Paul Westerberg, Tommy Stinson and some Westerberg sidemen -- will be playing RiotFest in Chicago Sept. 15 and Denver Sept. 21.

As to the idea of bringing The Replacements back to Minneapolis, Westerberg appears to be open to the idea.

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