Former Twin Cities news anchor Paul Magers is retiring

"And I am excited to now have the time to pursue my longtime passion, amateur puppeteering.”
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Paul Magers spent more than 20 years on-air in the Twin Cities before moving to Los Angeles. And now he's retiring.

Magers announced his retirement from CBS2 in Los Angeles Wednesday in a statement saying:

“By retiring now while I’m relatively young and healthy, I look forward to doing all the things with family and friends that are hard to schedule when you have a full-time job that includes odd hours. I definitely won’t miss putting on a suit, tie and make-up, except on Halloween. And I am excited to now have the time to pursue my longtime passion, amateur puppeteering.”

Unfortunately, he was kidding.

"He’s been a bright light in our newsroom as a rock-solid journalist and, when appropriate, someone who could deliver a well-timed joke," Steve Mauldin, president and general manager at CBS2, said in a statement. "While we wish he were staying with us, we respect the decision he has made and look forward to giving him the warm sendoff he deserves.”

According to the Star Tribune, Mager started his career at KSTP and spent 20 years on-air at KARE 11, before leaving for L.A. in 2003 to anchor the late-night news on the local CBS station. Here's a clip of Magers from 1993:

FOX 9 reporter Amy Hockert, who spent many years on-air at KARE 11, posted on Facebook about Mager's retirement, saying he used to asks the reporters "unexpected questions during live shots."

She said it "scared her to death at the time, but it taught me how to think on my feet on live TV."

Others who worked with Mager are sharing their congratulations on social media.

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