FOX 9 reporter faces 'a new chapter' after losing her foot in an accident

'I may have lost part of my leg, but I will never lose my spirit.'

A Twin Cities TV news reporter says she's moving on to "a new way of thinking, a new way of doing, a new way of feeling," after losing part of her left leg in a boating accident. 

Courtney Godfrey of FOX 9 said on Facebook she was leaving the hospital Friday a week after the accident. 

Godfrey wrote that she was "wakeboarding, skiing, floating, cruising" on September 15 "until the unthinkable happened."

Godfrey fell overboard when her husband made a sharp turn on Christmas Lake, KSTP reported last week. Water patrol officers told the station Godfrey's foot became tangled in the boat's propeller.

She plans on thriving

Godfrey writes in her Facebook post that she's spent the past week surrounded by family and friends, going through the ups and downs that come with losing a limb. 

"I may have lost part of my leg, but I will never lose my spirit," she writes. "I plan on flourishing—no THRIVING—once recovery is over."

She is originally from the San Francisco Bay area and is FOX 9's "newsroom health nut," her station bio says.

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