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FOX 9 reporter who lost limb in boat accident is back on the air

Courtney Godfrey was injured in September.
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Coming up on seven months since she lost her lower leg in a freak boating accident, Courtney Godfrey is back on Twin Cities TV.

The FOX 9 reporter required an amputation of her left leg after she became entangled in a propeller after being thrown off a boat on Christmas Lake last September.

But she was welcomed back this weekend as she made her comeback to local TV screens, returning to work officially last week.

In a post on her Facebook page, she paid tribute to her husband, with whom she has spent most of the past six months as she recovered.

"The last six months have brought us the hardest and greatest days we’ve ever had," she wrote. "He hasn’t simply stood by my side, he has lifted me up and pulled me out of the darkness.

"We have saved each other in more ways than one, looking the devil in the eye and knocking down his thirsty gaze."


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Since her accident, she's become known for her positive outlook, making the best of an unfortunate situation, and now she's trying to effect positive change at the political level.

She was at the Minnesota State Capitol last week spearheading a campaign to change Minnesota's laws so that spouses and children aren't excluded from boat insurance policies.

That's because her accident was not covered under her boat insurance policy because it was her husband who was driving the boat at the time.

The Pioneer Press reports that had her sister, for example, been the one injured, she would have been covered.

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