Friends work to finish book of woman who died in car crash

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Jo Stewart had dreamed of writing a book, but she died before her manuscript could be published.

That's when her friends stepped up to finish the story she had spent years crafting, a

" target="_blank">Facebook post from Stewart's friend Jan Jenson says.

"Amber Knows Best" was released on earlier this month, and a party to celebrate the launch of the book is planned for this Saturday at the Little Gift House in Solon Springs, Wisconsin, according to a Facebook event.

"It's Mom's final gift to her friends," Stewart's daughter, Kay Laveythe told the Superior Telegram. "I think people will really be blessed by reading it."

Stewart died in a car crash on Jan. 29, 2014, her obituary said. She was 85.

After her death, her friends at St. Croix Writers approached Stewart's family, volunteering to complete it for her, the Superior Telegram says.

Stewart typed the manuscript on a word processor, so they group had to retype the novel on a computer. They also said Stewart had changed the names of the characters halfway through the book, and there was a chapter that didn't fit in with the rest of the book's format, the Superior Telegram notes.

"It all got done because we love Jo and it's got to be out there. Then people who care about Jo have something tangible," Agnes Kennard told the Superior Telegram.

"Amber Knows Best" is the story of a widow and her cats on Upper St. Croix Lake. The description on says, "In her book, Jo preserved regional observations and details, shared her emotions of past years, and left a memorable, glowing story of days and dreams at Cozy Cove."

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