FunnyOrDie comedian reviews Minneapolis, and it's really annoying

Want to see Minneapolis with an irritating tour guide? Check this guy out.

What happens when you let an internet comedian loose with a camera in Minneapolis? This particularly annoying vignette from Ryan O'Flanagan.

If you're not familiar with O'Flanagan, he's a comedian who's known for his viral video reviews playing the "overexcited tourist" in U.S. cities, which appear on the website FunnyOrDie.

His latest video, which went live on Sunday, saw the "overexcited tourist" visit Minneapolis.

What follows is two minutes of O'Flanagan running alongside the Mississippi, visiting the Marble of America (yes, mispronouncing stuff is part of his schtick) and making repeated references to all things "ass."

But if you ignore the frenetic, exhausting commentary and focus on the scenery, you'll spot sights including the MacPhail School of Music, Stone Arch Bridge, Target Field, Vikings Stadium and Nickelodeon World.

Since it went live on Sunday, it's racked up 460,000 views on FunnyOrDie.

Check it out below – but be warned it contains some naughty language.

As well as being a comedian, O'Flanagan is also an actor that Netflix subscribers might recognize from the recent series American Vandal, in which he played teacher Mr. Kraz.

At least one Minnesota Twitter user wasn't impressed by his Minneapolis hijinks.

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