Garrison Keillor gets animated in new stop-motion web series


Viewers are getting a chance to see "A Prairie Home Companion" host Garrison Keillor in a whole new light in an online stop-motion animated series, Minnesota Public Radio reports.

Keillor and fellow National Public Radio personality Ira Glass of "This American Life" are featured in a new episode of "Animated All-Stars."

Co-creator Dan Lippert voices Keillor in the fourth episode in the series, where the "Prairie Home" star obsesses over rhubarb pie as he and Glass try to build a media center.

Lippert's fellow co-creator Harry Chaskin said the filmmakers took delight in exaggerating Keillor's and Glass' characteristics for the episode.

"We had fun with in terms of the puppet design and animation, just playing with the scale of them, making Garrison just this over sized puppet with a gigantic head and Ira this little wiry guy on spindly, wiry legs," Chaskin said.

The web series, produced by L/Studio, is also executive-produced by actor Seth Green and Matt Senreich -- the creative forces behind the hit Cartoon Network Adult Swim series "Robot Chicken."

See the "Friendship All-Stars" episode featuring Keillor and Glass below.

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