Golf season below par; weather slices number of rounds played


Wet and chilly weather in the first part of the season kept Minnesota golfers off courses and, despite a strong summer, pushed down the number of rounds played throughout the state. Business at golf courses was off by about 10 percent compared to last year's play.

The Business Journal reviewed figures compiled by a PGA PerformanceTrak report. It found that the number of rounds played in Minnesota in April fell by a dramatic 77 percent and that business on courses in May was down almost 22 percent. The weather allowed golfers to return in June, but business was still down by about four percent.

Despite the disappointing start of the season, Minnesota golfers played enough in August to make the state's courses rank third in the nation for the number of rounds played, with an increase of almost three percent over the number of rounds in August 2012.

The number of rounds in July jumped by 7.6 percent from a year before.

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