'Grandma Drummer' gets invites from TV talkers Letterman, DeGeneres, Harvey


Ever since she was revealed as the "Grandma Drummer" on a viral video shot at a Lacross, Wis., drum shop, Mary Hvizda has been talking non-stop -- and now, the national TV talk shows have come calling, the Pioneer Press reports.

Hvizda says she has received offers from TV hosts David Letterman, Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey, but for now, she's making them wait. For one, she's never flown on an airplane, and she doesn't appear ready to start.

"I'm debating on what I want to do," Hvizda told the Pioneer Press music writer Ross Raihala. "I'm not a traveler. I have so many people coming at me at once, my head is dizzy."

The other thing is, the 63-year-old Hvizda wants to get some rest.

"All I've been doing is talk, talk, talk. And when I'm ready to stop, there's more calls," she says. "I want to take a nap and not talk to anybody for a while."

To date, the video has received more than 3.6 million hits on YouTube.

Hvizda, who began playing the drums at 16 and was in a marching band and a drum corps in her youth, played with a variety of La Crosse bands as an adult. She quit playing drums in 1990 and sold her drum set to make ends meet.

But thanks to the Coalition Drum Shop, who posted the video, Hvizda has a kit once again. The shop has given her a new electronic drum kit, along with some headphones so she won't bother the neighbors.

See the viral video of Hvizda playing below.

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