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Great Scott! The best and worst of 'Back to the Future Day' cash-ins


Unless you live on Mars, you probably have noticed that today is Oct. 21, 2015 – the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future in "Back to the Future II."

As such, it was your density to be drowned by a myriad of articles, ads and social media posts by multiple companies and organizations cashing in on a day 30 years in the making.

And here's ours.

We've rounded up some of the attempts by organizations or companies to use tie-ins using Robert Zemeckis' classic film series. We'll let you decide for yourself if they're any good or not.

A popular theme has been making use of Dr. Emmett Brown's immortal line at the end of Back to the Future: "Where we're going, we don't need roads."

Well, the Minnesota State Patrol is among those using it as a jumping off point for road safety warnings.

And so did the City of Minneapolis ... except it explained that we DO need roads.

An arguably more relevant use of the line came from airline JetBlue; it made use of the date computer from the DeLorean, which had been transferred to one of its planes.

If you were a Minnesota Vikings sports fan in 1985, you would have hoped the Vikes would have brought home a Super Bowl or two by 2015.

Well, they haven't (Grays Sports Almanac could have told you as much), but at least current head coach Mike Zimmer does have a nice addition to his garage, judging by this post.

Best Buy has come up with a (short) list of the technologies featured in Back to the Future 2 that have made it to the present era – it seems that pretty much every media organization in the world has done the same thing.

Now this post about a speeding DeLorean from the Michigan State Police got more than 100,000 shares on Facebook. But we prefer an attempt a bit closer to home by the New Brighton Department of Public Safety, whose mugshot of Marty McFly looks a little more authentic, a little less staged.

#INCIDENTUPDATE #tentwentyonefifteen #martymcfly During the early morning hours this morning an officer with the NBDPS...

Posted by New Brighton Department of Public Safety on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Minnesota's-own is reunited with BTTF co-stars

Did you know that Minnesota has a very close link to the film? Well it does in the form of Lea Thompson, the Rochester-raised actor who famously played Marty's mom in the films.

She was reunited with her co-stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd today.

Looking further afield, one of the best places to get amusing BTTF tie-ins is on Universal Studios' Twitter account set up specifically for today.

They've put together several videos, including a trailer for Jaws 19, and a lovely video message from Doc Brown himself.

One of the companies that was famously featured in the 1989 sequel was USA Today, when Marty's son's involvement in a robbery (somehow) made the front page, before McFly Sr. changed history to frame Griff and his gang.

USA Today recreated said front cover as a wraparound for today's edition.

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