Hair-raising video: Minnesota astronaut shampoos in space


Minnesota astronaut Karen Nyberg, working aboard the International Space Station, took a moment away from a series of science experiments to answer a question she gets asked a lot: How do astronauts wash their hair in space?

A video (below) shows the Vining, Minn., native and mechanical engineer tackling an everyday hygiene task that zero-gravity makes a tougher challenge.

The space station crew is managing several hundred research experiments in a wide variety of fields, from biology to biotechnology, physical science, and earth science during a six-month mission, NASA says.

But NASA also commonly fields questions from students and everyday space fans about how space station scientists live day to day and accomplish more menial tasks.

Nyberg is scheduled to return to earth in November. She's tweeting, including this pic of her controlling a robotic arm during a spacewalk this week:

Here's that video (Nyberg notes that as her hair dries, the moisture is sucked back into the station's air-processing systems and eventually turns it back to drinking water):

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