Harrier 'Jump Jets' are coming back to the Duluth Airshow

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In a coup for organizers, the U.S. Marine Corps. will give crowds at this year's Duluth Airshow a demonstration of their famous Harrier jets.

The aircraft, the first ever made that's capable of doing a vertical takeoff – earning them the informal name "Harrier Jump Jets" – will fly into Duluth July 9-10, the airshow announced on Wednesday.

The Airshow said in a news release Duluth is one of just four U.S. shows who will host the USMC AV-8B Harrier Demo team, with FOX 21 calling them "arguably the greatest breakthrough in modern day aircraft technology."

The team also appeared at the airshow in 2012 and 2010, when they performed short takeoffs, vertical landings, and used their vertical thrusters to hover in the air in front of spectators



FOX 21 notes this year's show will also featured U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds – the first time in 6 years they have performed in Duluth.

The first Harrier jet was developed in the 1960s by British aviation company Hawker Siddeley, which according to Military Factory "perfected the vectored thrust turbofan engine," with the U.K., Germany and U.S. among the first buyers of the jets.

The Harrier underwent an extensive redesign by U.S.-based Boeing (then McDonnell Douglas) and UK-based BAE, which produced the AV-8B "Harrier II."

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