'Mogadishu, Minnesota' will not be a series on HBO

A few scenes from the pilot were filmed in Minnesota last year.

The proposed HBO show about Somali immigrants living in Minnesota won't be happening. 

HBO announced the decision Friday in a statement to GoMN saying the show – called Mogadishu, Minnesota – "will not be moving forward as a series." 

"We value the relationship we've built working with the talented K'Naan Warsame and hope to have a chance to work with him in the future," HBO added. K'Naan Warsame – a Somali-Canadian rapper – was writing and directing the show. 

Mogadishu, Minnesotawas initially described as a "family drama" with a focus on the "highly impenetrable world of jihadi recruitment." But more recent descriptions of the show said it would be about what it means to be an American for Somalis in Minneapolis. 

A few scenes for the pilot were shot in Minneapolis last year, despite opposition from some in the community who thought the series might not show Somali-Americans in the best light. 

The Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis, where some scenes were expected to be filmed, comprises one of the largest Somali populations in the U.S. 

Dozens of Minnesota men have been recruited to join terrorist groups in Somalia and Syria over the past decade, which has prompted the Cedar Riverside community to fight back against violent extremism

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