Heggies challenges Papa John's to the 'Great Pizza Snowdown'

After Papa John's dissed frozen pies, Heggies is ready to go head-to-head.

The folks at Heggies Pizza have just two words for Papa John's: "It's on."

The self-proclaimed "humble yet unapologetically amazing pizza company" out of Minnesota’s north country (the tiny town of Milaca, just off of Lake Mille Lacs), has new beef with the global pizza chain.

Heggies claims that Papa John's recently tweeted (and later deleted) some fighting words in a post that said "Frozen pizza = the pizza equivalent of a participation trophy."

"Well, that sat in our gut like a soggy made-to-deliver pizza," Heggies shot back in a press release

So now they're calling for a pizza throwdown to prove who has the better pie.

During a "pretty low level" press conference outside of Manning's in Minneapolis on Tuesday, Heggies president Shawn Dockter challenged Papa John's to the "Great Pizza Snowdown."

“We felt the location was fitting,” Dockter joked in the release. “We appreciate a Manning who loves truly great pizza, and apparently that makes us unique.”

Since the Super Bowl is almost here, and Papa John's is the official pizza sponsor of the NFL, there's no better time to settle this, once and for all.

The Heggies team says it will bring a pizza oven and some of its "quality, creative, handmade and authentic" frozen pies for a head to head taste-off with Papa John's pizza.

"Oh, yeah, you can also bring that dippy sauce stuff and those pepper thingies if you think it will help," Heggies said in the release, mocking the garlic sauce and banana pepper that Papa John's includes in the box with every one of its pizzas.

The Great Pizza Snowdown will happen on a "yet-to-be determined date in a yet-to-be determined Minnesota location." Heggies is giving Papa John's until Dec. 31 to respond.

All jokes aside, the Heggies team says they just want the respect they deserve – and okay, maybe for Papa John's to eat its words.

“We are just looking for a handshake in victory, that’s all, and perhaps some better understanding that there is a big pie in which both of us can succeed. Respect would be cool too, but it’s not like I’m looking to be referred to as Papa Shawn or anything,” Dockter said. 

“I do expect we’d have some sort of participation trophy for Papa John’s though, we apparently have a bunch hanging around. It’s a fitting parting gift.”

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