Helen Mirren reveals tale of getting tattoo in Minnesota


Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren carries a reminder of Minnesota with her every single day -- a tattoo on her left hand that she acquired on a Native American reservation in the northern part of the state nearly 40 years ago.

During a recent interview, Mirren told me that nothing in particular inspired her to get the tattoo -- which is two Vs opposite each other on her left hand at the base of her thumb -- apart from the fact that she was doing some very hard partying.

"The biggest inspiration was being very, very drunk," Mirren recalled, laughing about the tattoo, which she got in 1974. "I was doing experimental theater work and we were working on a reservation. I can't remember the name of it or the tribe, but it's in the far north of Minnesota, right up by the Canadian border."

These days, the 67-year-old A-lister -- who won a Best Actress Oscar for her stunning portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in 2006's "The Queen" -- is hoping to put another stamp on movie history as she generates Oscar buzz for her role in the drama "Hitchcock."

On Wednesday Mirren was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress for the film.

In "Hitchcock," now playing in theaters nationwide, Mirren stars as Alma Reville -- Alfred Hitchcock's (Anthony Hopkins) longtime wife and closest collaborator. "Hitchcock" recounts Reville's key participation in the making of The Master of Suspense's classic horror thriller "Psycho."

See a featurette on "Hitchcock" below.

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