Help name Summit Brewing's beer for the Minnesota State Fair

They've already taken steps to make sure Berry McBeerFace doesn't win, though.

Summit Brewing is once again getting ready for the Minnesota State Fair with an exclusive, limited-time-only beer.

For this go-round though, Summit wants help with a name.

The St. Paul brewery has been doing the State Fair beer thing for a few years now. In 2016 it was the Hop Merger White IPA. Once the get-together is done, so is the special beer – it doesn't get introduced elsewhere.

For 2017, Summit is working on a Kölsch-style ale made with all Minnesota-sourced ingredients. And it wants beer fans to submit name suggestions.

From May 15-21, you can send an email to with your name, phone number or address, and what you think Summit's 2017 State Fair beer should be called. (Just make sure it isn't already the name of someone else's beer, Summit asks.)

From there, Summit will narrow it down to some finalists, and let the public vote on a winner via social media.

"This way we can avoid names like Berry McBeerFace and I Can’t Believe This Is Beer OMG," Summit noted.

What you can win

In addition to having the honor of naming a State Fair beer, you'll also help make it with head brewer Damian McConn at Summit's headquarters. And you'll be invited back a few weeks later to be among the first to try it.

The Kölsch-style ale will be low in ABV and IBUs, with "complex malt notes of shortbread and light toast," with a little strawberry in there.

All the ingredients will come from Minnesota, include Cascade and Crystal hops. Summit gave a shout-out to Rahr Malting Co., Mighty Axe Hops, and the U of M's barley researchers and strawberry breeders.

"The fair is ultimately the Great Minnesota Get-Together," McConn said in the announcement, "so our beer will focus on Summit Brewing’s relationship with Minnesota growers, researchers, and academia."

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