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Here are 12 Minnesota breweries with legit non-alcoholic options

How to get a great drink with zero percent alcohol.

Following the passing of the Surly Bill in 2011, the breweries keep opening in and around the Twin Cities each year.

While the craft beer game is undeniably strong, there is a tasty secret world at breweries that is often overshadowed, and that’s the non-alcoholic options, particularly sodas.

Whether it’s a gluten intolerance, pregnancy, sobriety, or if you straight up don’t like the taste of beer, here are some great alternatives to order at your favorite local breweries.

Lyn Lake | Minneapolis

Lyn Lake gets major ups in my book for tasty sodas options. In addition to stocking some unique flavors of North Star craft soda -- Black cherry, pineapple orange, and orange cola -- which is oddly really good -- they make their own root beer, and it’s delicious. I would make a special trip just for their root beer. Yum.

Sisyphus | Minneapolis

In stock at Sisyphus are offerings from local soda companies Spring Grove and Spruce soda. Spring Grove options are lemon sour, orange, root beer, strawberry, and black cherry. My favorites are lemon sour, if you like sweet sodas, or black cherry. For a less sweet option, there is Spruce soda, with a ginger beer or orange blossom tonic.

Fulton | Minneapolis

Brewery powerhouse Fulton was the biggest surprise on my soda quest. Although they only have one option for non-beer, they make their own in-house citrus ginger beer. And even if you don’t like ginger beer or ale, I would still give it a try because the citrus flavor balances out the ginger really well.

Modist | Minneapolis

New to the brewery game, Modist, had a similar tap ginger beer option. But, they make other sodas in-house throughout the year - including a basil blood orange. I’m excited to see other concoctions from the crew at Modist.

Bad Weather | St. Paul

A shining beacon for soda seekers is Bad Weather brewing. The sodas are made in-house and include seasonal options like mulled cider and vanilla cream.

Dangerous Man | Minneapolis

This Northeast brewery has multiple non-alcoholic options. And, bonus points, for all local options! They have Prohibition kombucha, Big Watt cold press coffee and Whistler classic sodas. Flavor wise, there’s root beer, blackberry and lime. Would highly recommend lime for a unique, delicious time.

Indeed | Minneapolis

A mixture of local and unique options sprinkled in with safe choices, Indeed caters to the pickiest of drinking patrons. There’s local favorites Spring Grove root beer, Black Eye cold press, and Tree Fort soda -- orange and ginger ale. I would highly recommend the orange Tree Fort, it tastes just like a creamy orange dreamsicle popsicle. (Also, Coke products and La Croix in case you left yours at home.)

Bauhaus | Minneapolis

Similar to its Northeast neighbors, Bauhaus is home to local favorites Prohibition Kombucha, Spruce ginger beer, and Whistler sodas - flavors include orange, grape and root beer. And, in early summer, they had a fruit punch that was mega delicious. Bonus points that they have juice box options for children.

Fair State | Minneapolis

Located on Central Ave in Northeast, Fair State has familiar options for non-alcoholic beverages, including: Spruce soda ginger beer, Prohibition Kombucha, and cold brew from local coffee shop neighbors, Anelace. Fair State wins extra points for having all these options on tap.

Insight | Minneapolis

Insight offers an in-house brewed option, like ginger beer, but it changes frequently. When I ventured over it was a mystery flavor that even the brewer didn’t know. But it tasted pretty good. It's the mystery Dum Dums lollipop of the list.

Lift Bridge | Stillwater

This Stillwater brewery makes the list for its root beer alone. Brewed in-house, it’s way tasty.

Northgate | Minneapolis

Winner of most obscure soda, Northgate brewery had craft soda company Minnesoda on tap. The dad pun name alone makes it great, but they were also pretty tasty offering flavors like cola, diet cola, ginger ale, orange, and root beer.

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