Here are the 69 new emojis for 2017 (and yes, there's a dinosaur)

Fairies, a vomiting face, winter gear, a hedgehog ... there are a bunch of new emojis coming.

No longer will your text messages be hindered by the lack of breastfeeding, hedgehog, or man in steamy room emojis.

Emojipedia has detailed the final emojis that made the cut for this year, including some new faces, fantasy characters, expanded gender options, new animals, and an assortment of other random additions.

These new emojis will be released with a Unicode 10.0 update this June – though it's up to different software developers (Android, iOS, Chrome, OSX, Windows, etc.) to actually implement them, and add their version of what the emoji looks like. So these would hit users' phones in July at the earliest.

But what everyone wants to know is: What do these new emojis look like?

Emojipedia provides sample versions, based on Apple's style, and even has a video running through them. We had our coworkers go through the 69 new unique models and pick the one they're most excited about, plus the one they think is the best for Minnesota.

Most excited for:

Melissa Turtinen

"Both dinosaur emojis, because dinosaurs are the best. There have been many times I’ve searched for a dinosaur emoji to send, but they weren’t there! Plus, I have short arms like a t-rex so that one will come in handy – and the t-rex Tuesday people are from here, so that’s fun."

Natalie Booth

"The Female Elf, finally an emoji that actually looks like me (I have massive ears)."

Kaleh Sapp

"Probably the swearing face bc I'll be able to use that instead of having my phone write 'ducking' every time."

Chaz Kangas

"My favorite (just edging out the monocle) is the hedgehog. My mind is racing at all the possible reasons to include it in texts, and utterly perplex the person receiving it."

Best for Minnesota:

Amy Halford

"I think we’ll be the primary users of the curling stone for sure (because it’s really us and Canada that will even know what it is), but the bearded man, scarf, and gloves all say Minnesota to me (you know, because it’s cold here)."

Joe Nelson

"Swearing face and it’s not close. Sports fans in Minnesota are going to burn that image out!"

Traecy Waldschmidt

"The shocked face with exploding head could be used for weather related days-snow days."

Nora Kelly

"I like that they are exploring gender in emoji’s, including ones that are more inclusive. I would say this is important for Minnesota, but equally as it is important everywhere. I think that people are really starting to understand and be more open to the idea of gender as a spectrum and not binary and I think that it’s great that something like emojis, even though very simple and silly, can help with broadening inclusion!"

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