Here's a first look at Paisley Park merch – exclusive to first-day visitors


It's just a few weeks until Prince's home/studio/party place is opened to public tours – and Paisley Park gave fans a first look at the exclusive merchandise they can get their hands on come Oct. 6.

People who bought tickets for the opening day of the tour now are able to reserve an "extra-special collection of Opening Day Gala exclusive items," according to the Paisley Park website.

For $38, fans can get a T-shirt, tote bag (pictured above) and mini poster emblazoned with a picture of Paisley Park, which is bathed in a purple glow. The moon above it is shadowed by a silhouette of Prince's profile.

If you want to buy the package, you have to register with the website, using the same email address you used to book the tour.

What's more, there will be a culinary treat available to a limited number of visitors on the first day of the tour. You can pay $12.50 for "Prince's Favorite Foods: A Taste Experience."

While you're doing the tour around the famous studio, guests can sample "several of Prince's favorite foods" as they are prepared by his personal chef, Ray Roberts, "just as he made them for the legendary musician," the website says.

But, if you want to sample some of Prince's favorites then you should book now. It's only available if you pre-order here, and it's likely to fill up fast.

Needless the say, the menu is vegetarian.

CityPages spoke to Roberts after Prince's death in April, and he revealed that Prince had a sweet tooth, enjoying treats including chocolate mousse, caramel sea salt cake, chocolate macadamia nut cookies and sour cream apple coffee cake.

Other favorite dishes he noted were roasted poblano peppers with pinto beans, tortillas and avocados; minestrone soup; veggie wraps; and edamame dumplings, with spicy foods and Indian cuisine also popular.

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