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Here's where you can go to cool off in the Twin Cities

There are a bunch of places you can go to get a break from the heat.

This weekend is a warm one. In the southern half of the state, it's going to feel close to 100 degrees. While the actual highs are in the 90s, the dew point is going to make it feel extra warm and sticky.

If you don't have air conditioning, that can be pretty miserable. That's why Hennepin County is reminding people of its various cooling centers.

The county put together a map of air conditioned places people can go to escape the heat. Among the places are libraries, recreation centers, movie theaters, shopping malls, and Salvation Army buildings.

You can see the map of places here. It also shows the days and times each center is open. Some places like theaters, malls and community centers might also have a fee.

If you're in southern Minnesota, the Albert Lea Salvation Army has also opened a cooling center.

According to the county's website, about 175 Americans overheat and die every year. Young children, senior citizens and people who are sick or overweight are most at risk.

Another option to beat the heat is to cool down in the water. But before you head to the lake, check out these safety tips.

Or if you do have A/C and are looking for things to do indoors, we compiled a list of ideas. Hopefully it helps pass the time.

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