Here's Summit Brewing's 2018 beer lineup

Summit is releasing a bunch of new beers, and bringing back a favorite.

Get excited, Minnesota. Summit Brewing has big plans for next year. 

The St. Paul brewery released its 2018 beer calendar Monday, and it includes at least nine new beers, plus a favorite making its return. 

New beers

Summit is coming out with at least nine new beers in 2018. Here they are: 

Dakota Soul: A classic Czech-style Pils that's made with barley grown in North Dakota by Summit founder Mark Stutrud's cousins. It has notes of biscuits, honey and graham cracker. Dakota Soul will be available year-round in cans and bottles starting in January. 

Wee IPA: A heavily hopped, sessionable pale ale with aromas of passionfruit, key lime and melon. It'll only be available in Summit's IPA variety box, which will be released in January. 

Imperial IPA: A beer with aromas of tangerine, stone fruit, and lemon, with an 8.5 percent ABV and a whopping 105 IBUs. It'll only be available in Summit's IPA variety box, which will be released in January.

Experimental Hop IPA: A beer with "big hop" flavors of pineapple, coconut, peach and apricot. It'll only be available in Summit's IPA Collection variety box, which will be released in January.

Golden Fruited Ale: A beer made with peach and apricot. It'll be available in Summit's Boundary Waters variety box and on draft starting in April. 

Shore Sitter: A white ale with aromas of tangerine, lemon, flowers and other spices. It'll be available in the Boundary Waters box in April, but will then join the year-round lineup in June. 

Minnesota Harvest Ale: Brewed with ingredients from Minnesota, but the recipe still hasn't been finalized. It'll be released in the Summit Harvest Collection variety box in August. 

Snow Emergency: A vanilla-infused take on the Summit Great Northern Porter. It'll be available in Summit's Penalty Box variety pack, as well as on its own in 12-packs of cans and bottles, and on draft, starting in November. 

Summit Union Series 7: 120 Shilling Export Scotch Ale: A 12-percent beer with aromas of raisins, caramel, toffee and figs. It'll be available on draft and in four-packs of bottles in November. 

Popular beer joins the year-round lineup

Summit is adding its popular pilsener to its year-round lineup starting in January. 

Keller Pils, which was named the No. 2 pilsener in the world by Paste Magazine in 2016, will be available on draft and in six- and 12-packs of cans to kick off the year. 

2 favorites are coming back

Summit is bringing back two beers we never thought we'd see again. They are: 

Lazy Sipper: It was brewed exclusively for the State Fair in 2017, featuring Minnesota-grown ingredients. And it'll be available on draft, in the Boundary Waters box and in cans and bottles as a limited release from April-July. 

Dark Infusion: This coffee milk stout debuted in November 2016 as part of Summit's Unchained Series, and now it's the first one to make its return. It'll be available in the Summit Penalty Box variety pack and on draft. 

Summit said it's bringing this beer back "because you greedy beer geeks wouldn't leave our social media intern alone," adding that they didn't change the recipe. 

Other tidbits from Summit's calendar

Summit's 2018 beer release calendar was packed with information, but it also left some things out. 

For December, Summit says it has a secret and it's not telling what it is. So it seems like the brewery has something special planned – stay tuned. 

Also, Summit's Unchained Series – a collection of limited-release beers that allow Summit's brewers to get creative and brew whatever beer they want – will only be available at the Summit Beer Hall next year. 

Summit didn't detail any of the upcoming Unchained Series beers, but it did say more information will be available in the coming weeks and months.

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