Here's what we're choosing to name our tiny humans

Not on these lists: Donald, Hillary, Kanye or Vladimir.
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Every year, about 70,000 babies are born to Minnesota families. And that means nearly 70,000 opportunities to name a tiny human.

So what names have we been choosing?

A few hospitals in the state put out their most popular baby names of 2016 recently.

St. Mary's

Essentia Health St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth said in a news release 1,514 babies were born there through Dec. 14. The most common names were:

Henry, Mason or Olivia/Olyvia – 11 babies
Elijah, Ella – 10 babies
Levi, Owen – 9 babies
Ethan, Evelyn, Rogan or Riley – 8 babies

Across all Essentia hospitals in Minnesota, the most popular names were Mason and Olivia.

Regions and Methodist

HealthPartners also put out its list for Regions and Methodist Hospitals (two of the six hospitals that are part of HealthPartners). Between the two, there were nearly 5,600 babies born.

Here are the names at the top:

Theodore and Julia are new to the list, and Oliver made a comeback on the boy's side. Meanwhile, Olivia has made the top 10 for girls for the past six years.

They also listed what they called the "most unique" baby names from their hospitals this year: Aqua, Ezekiel, Fox, Honisty, Temperance and Zion.

How do these compare to 2015?

Here are the top baby names throughout all of Minnesota for 2015, provided by the Minnesota Department of Health.

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