Here's when you can see the best fall colors in Minnesota

This year's fall colors are expected to be 'near perfect.'

It's almost leaf-peeping season, and this year we're expected to have "near perfect" fall colors. 

You can thank all the rain and sunshine we got this summer for the vibrant fall foliage in the forecast, the Minnesota DNR says

In preparation for the brilliant oranges, yellows and reds, the DNR on Thursday launched its Fall Color Finder so people can start planning their leaf-peeping adventures (the map will be updated every Thursday). 

The map above shows the percentage of trees that are at their peak for fall colors. As you can see, most of the state has a ways to go before reaching peak color. 

Here's when fall colors tend to peak throughout Minnesota: 

However, this is just a rough guide as to when fall colors will pop – it all depends on what happens with the weather, so be sure to keep your peeping plans flexible. 

Colors could peak earlier than normal if we have warm, sunny days and chilly nights, the DNR's website says. But if it gets too cold – like if we get a really early freezing frost – it could mean an early end to the fall color season. 

And the Star Tribune is reporting some areas of the state – including south-central and southeastern Minnesota – are on pace to peak a little earlier than normal. 

The DNR's Fall Color Finder (which also breaks down how the colors are progressing at each state park) and Explore Minnesota's weekly color report are some of the two best resources to check out when planning a fall foliage adventure.

Minnesota State Parks and Trails also has a bunch of fall events planned throughout the state starting this weekend. See a list here

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