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Hewing Hotel's exclusive rooftop opens to the public ... for one night a week

But only one night a week. You'll need reservations.

There's a rooftop above a luxury hotel in downtown Minneapolis that's so exclusive, people have been paying $300 (at the very least) to get up there. 

Until now.

The Hewing Hotel opened late last year in the North Loop's historic Jackson Building, and has only been available to hotel guests (who pay upwards of $250 a night, plus an additional fee to access the rooftop), or people who pay $1,750 a year for a limited number of private memberships. 

But you can finally get a taste of the high life without making a huge splurge, because the Hewing is making access to the rooftop a lot more affordable – it'll open to the public on a weekly basis. 

How to get up there

A spokeswoman for the hotel shared the details with GoMN.

It's a Cinderella kind of deal: the bar and lounge will be open to the public on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to midnight. (After that, get home before your carriage turns into a pumpkin.)

The rooftop seats about 75 people, so you'll have to make a reservation by emailing vip@hewinghotel.com or by calling 651-468-0600.

Also, it's not free. There's a $25 charge, in addition to food and beverage costs. 

Patrons can choose from the rooftop's regular bar menu, plus a special cocktail menu created in partnership with Tattersall Distillery. 

Each week, the cocktails will be designed around a theme. The first one is "Minneapolis Pool Party."

The Star Tribune got the scoop on two of the features: Island Life – an aquavit cocktail with pineapple, lime and honey, and the Safety Break – with pommeau, vodka, vermouth and bitters.

From 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., you can also order a variety of small plates from a unique bar bites menu.

For more details, head to the Hewing's website.

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