Hey, Google has a new phone -- here's what makes Pixel different

Aside from the headphone jack, some other stuff.

Google just formally introduced a brand-new phone called Pixel.

In their ad, they emphasize the newness of it all, and there are a lot of features specifically set out to turn iPhone devotees' heads.

The headphone jack isn't dead

The ad above throws the perfect, subtle side-eye at Apple. The only cord Pixel users have to carry around will essentially be their headphones... because Google touts that the phone only needs 15 minutes to charge up for seven hours.

What's Google Assistant?

This is the first Google phone to come pre-installed with Google Assistant. According to USA Today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the app will form a "conversation between our users and Google." Similar to Siri, Assistant will help users find what ever it is they are looking for without clicking any buttons.

Storage galore, and a sweet camera

Pixel makes much of its free unlimited storage for photos and videos. Verge explains that this will include storage of 4K videos that the camera can capture. The video and image capability makes the highest rated smartphone camera on the market.

Specs and oh-so-clever colors

The phone comes in two different sizes, Pixel measures in at 5 inches and the Pixel XL is just a half inch larger. Pixel in either size -- and in all of its glass-aluminum goodness -- comes in three specific colors, including Quite Black, Very Silver and a limited-edition color created by Google, Really Blue. Really Blue is already sold out in both sizes in the Google Store. If you aren't so blue about this, the other colors are still available for preorder for $649 or $27/month.

In addition to Pixel, Google also announced the release of a virtual reality headset Daydream View, a voice-activated speaker called Google Home, a WiFi system, and an updated version of their streaming device, Chromecast Ultra. If you pre-order the phone, Daydream View is yours for free.

Get more details and find out how to order the Pixel here.

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