Historic blizzard producing some amazing photos in Minnesota

It's not done snowing yet, with up to 8 additional inches yet to fall.
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The National Weather Service says 4-8 inches of additional snow are expected to fall by the time this historic blizzard stops snowing on Sunday morning, bringing totals of 15+ inches in many locations, including a large area from southwest Minnesota through the Twin Cities and areas south. 

The airport is shut down through at least 7 p.m. and travel is nearly impossible across much of the state. Many roads are closed and any motorist who attempts to drive on a closed road faces a fine of $1,000 and 90 days in jail

The National Weather Service is calling this a "historic storm" that will "rank up there as one of the most significant winter storms in some time." 


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Comedian Lewis Black was in Rochester on his way to Iowa and he summed it up best, saying: "This isn't weather. It's bulls***."

This Twin Cities mail carrier wasn't about to let the blizzard keep him from working in SHORTS. 

It was bad enough in the metro that a St. Louis Park Olive Garden closed. 

Snow, Hanley Falls

Hanley Falls, MN

Wind-whipped snow covered the this sign at the Science Museum of Minnesota. 

Roads are closed across much of southern and southwestern Minnesota. This shot was taken by Mya Betts on Hwy. 52 north of Rochester, where she described this as the "good visibility." 

Hwy. 52 north of Rochester

Hwy. 52 north of Rochester

Circle Pines native Jeremy Morris snapped this photo of a monster drift outside his home. 

Snow, Circle Pines

Circle Pines, MN

Snow, Richfield

Snow drifting up against a door at a house in Richfield. 

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