Hollywood stars Danny Glover, Denise Richards start filming at Duluth school

Don't be surprised to see Danny Glover and Denise Richards around town.
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If you're out and about in Duluth this week, you might catch a glimpse of some Hollywood glitz.

That's because actors Danny Glover and Denise Richards are in town to film upcoming movie "Christmas Break-In."

Producers Koan, Inc. has selected Marshall School, the independent college prep academy, as the snowy setting for the new movie.

Executive producer Gil Aglaure said in a press release that the decision to film in Duluth was "made easy" thanks to the state's "Snowbate" program, which offers incentives and rebates of up to 25 percent of production costs for filming in Minnesota.

While no longer at the peak of their powers, Glover and Richards have been in some wildly successfully movies in the past, with Glover becoming a household name thanks to the "Lethal Weapon" series and Richards starring in "Starship Troopers" and Bond movie "The World Is Not Enough."


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The movie also stars Cameron Seely, who recently played Hugh Jackman's youngest daughter in "The Greatest Showman."

As for the plot – it basically sounds like "Home Alone" but at a school, with Seely playing a 9-year-old student who gets snowed in at the school along with Glover, the janitor, who then gets kidnapped by a pair of bad guys.

It's proving fun for Marshall School students, teachers and parents, who the Duluth News Tribune reports are serving as extras in the film, shooting of which started on Monday and will continue for the next three weeks after school hours.

Sticking with the Minnesota theme – it's also being directed by Minneapolis-based filmmaker Michael Kampa.

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