'Hot Cheetos & Takis' Mpls. youth rappers land Kmart ad campaign

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The pre-teen Minneapolis rap group that became an Internet sensation for their music video "Hot Cheetos & Takis" is cashing in on their fame with a commercial for Kmart, the Star Tribune reports.

Da Rich Kidzz, which recorded "Hot Cheetos & Takis" under the name Y.N. Rich Kids, is featured in Kmart's new nationwide back-to-school campaign.

The campaign is made up of five different commercials, featuring footage spliced off Da Rich Kidzz's new music video "My Limo."

The "limo" in the music video is actually a school bus, and Kmart's logo appears throughout.

The payday comes as parents of the group members' complained that the youth didn't see any cut of the money earned off their videos -- which the kids recorded as part of the YMCA’s Beats & Rhymes after-school program.

As a result, the group dropped the Y.N. Rich Kids' name and began performing under their new name under new management.

The mom of group member Freeman “Frizzy Free” Hickman told the Star Tribune that the group was seeing its biggest payday yet from the Kmart ads.

“They made out all right in this deal, yes, and we’ll be putting it away in those college funds,” Melissa Mercedes told the paper.

See the video for "My Limo" below.

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