Hot on the heels of 'Dilly Dilly' notoriety, Modist Brewing is expanding

Expect more new beers from the North Loop brewery.

It's been a crazy few weeks for Minneapolis' Modist Brewing Company.

It went viral at the start of December after its launch of a new beer called the "Dilly Dilly" led to a visit from a town crier brandishing a parchment cease and desist from Bud Light.

Fast-forward 10 days, and the brewery has announced it's expanding.

It will more than double the brewing capacity at its North Loop facility, which will enable it to keep up with demand, increase its distribution and – I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear – allow it to release "a greater variety of beers more often."


–Bud Light sends Modist a cease and desist from the Renaissance.

"Expect more experimental lagers, stouts, hoppy ales, milkshakes, sours, more Deviation beers, more Modist Maker beers, and maybe even some stuff in barrels," the brewery says.

It's adding a canning line (with a date coder - so you know when the beer was brewed) and quality control equipment.

Also among the new toys at the brewery will be two American-made "wooden egg-shaped foeders," which Modist says will allow it to make "some new school beers combined with old school wood fermentation."

Brewery Deschutes notes that foeders have historically been used to store wine, but they have more recently been taken on by breweries to who use them to create sour beers.

The brewery is at pains to stress that this has "nothing to do with Dilly Dilly," rather the result of the success it's enjoying in the Twin Cities.

You can find out more about the expansion at Modist's website.

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