How a Minnesota cop saved a homeless family from freezing

The Coon Rapids PD is praising the officer's heroic act.
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Most Facebook updates from the Coon Rapids Police Department are of the "public service announcement" variety, and only of interest to locals. 

But one the department made on Monday is going viral, with six thousand likes, more than 1,300 shares, and hundreds of comments so far.

It tells the story of an unnamed officer who, on the night of Nov. 9, made a traffic stop, only to discover the car was carrying a down-on-their-luck family of five.

"They told the officer they were homeless and were planning to sleep in their car," the post reads. Problem was, "Temperatures that night were going to be around 10 degrees above zero."

The officer's attempt to find the family shelter though "normal channels" failed, so they got the family to a local motel and put them up for the night – and it was completely on the officer's own dime, the post says.

And for all that, the cop has no interest in publicity.

"The officer doesn't want to be named nor receive any recognition, but we, at the department, want to share this story publicly because these kinds of stories aren't always told," the Coon Rapids PD writes.

There's a lot of help in Minnesota for those who find themselves homeless, through both government and humanitarian organizations. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has a pretty extensive list of resources for Minnesotans. 

And with the holidays coming up, there's plenty of opportunities to help those in need. Click here to search for local "Toys for Tots" drop-off locations, and check out this article on holiday volunteer programs in the Twin Cities. 

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