How are New Yorkers digging out? MN native chronicles their tools

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Q: When your vehicle is covered with so much snow you can't even see it, what do you use to start digging it out?

A: When you're in New York City, you use whatever is handy.

From her window in New York over the snowbound weekend, Minnesota native Kaylar Barry collected views of people using various implements to clear 26 or so inches of snow off their cars.

Her Facebook video shows samples of five tools (none of which is a shovel).

Before we Minnesotans get too smug, though, let's not forget the magnitude of Winter Storm Jonas.

The Weather Channel reports that on the eastern seaboard as a whole, there were 37 storm-related deaths.

The New York Times says, thousands of people were without power and coastal areas are coping with flooding.

WABC says New York's official measurement of 26.8 inches fell just short of making it the city's biggest storm on record. But the station says Staten Island reported 31 inches.

By comparison, Minnesota's Halloween blizzard of 1991 dropped 28 inches on the Twin Cities and 37 in Duluth, the DNR says.

As with that storm, it may take days to get some of New York's streets open again.^tfw^tfw

So, maybe we should try not to harsh on those New Yorkers too badly. But, still .... a Swiffer??

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