How do the Wisconsin State Fair's new food options stack up with Minnesota's?


You may not have known this, since we Minnesotans have our own get-together to get excited about. But the Wisconsin State Fair started last Thursday, and runs through Aug. 16 – and we've gotta admit, their new food menu looks pretty darn delicious.

The Green Bay Press Gazette says there are 176 deep fried options at the fair just outside Milwaukee, 43 of which come on a stick.

Here's a look at some of the most mouth-watering new options, and click here for the full list. Spoiler alert: There's a lot of bacon involved. (Here's the Minnesota State Fair's newest chow for comparison.)

All-American burrito

This thing's got ground beef, golden brown tater tots, bacon, shredded cheese and nacho cheese inside. [Read more]

Bacon bottom pizza

Imagine pizza, but remove all the crust and replace it with, yes, bacon. This 'za has a "bacon weave" bottom, with homemade pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and sausage on top. [Read more]

Beer-battered pretzel-coated cheese curds

Cheese curds (from Wisconsin, of course). Dipped in a batter made with pilsner beer. Then sprinkled with crushed pretzels and panko bread crumbs, all deep fried and served with a Caribbean sauce. [Read more]

Deep fried pretzel crusted brownies on-a-stick

More treats smothered in crushed pretzels. This is a Sciortino's fudge brownie, rolled in pretzel pieces and deep fried. It also comes with a side of sea salt caramel dipping sauce. [Read more]

Party hard dessert flight

Three mini parfaits infused with a hard malt beverage – you can get hard root beer, hard ginger and hard apple pie. [Read more]

The Hot Mess

A hamburger with all the fixins – peanut butter, honey, bacon and cheddar cheese. (OK, so not the traditional fixins). It's served on a pretzel bun. [Read more]


A savory dish – a soft pretzel cone, filled with German rotkohl (which is a red cabbage dish), hand-breaded chicken schnitzel, and a homemade potato pancake wedge. It's topped with crispy cinnamon apple straws and a drizzle of Oktoberfest beer reduction. [Read more]

Hawaiian tots

A Midwest staple meets the tastes of a tiny Pacific island. These tater tots are topped with smoked pork, a teriyaki pineapple glaze, and some pineapple salsa.

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