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How Minnesota is now one slice in an 'Earth sandwich'

Lee St. John and Indian Subash Luitel prove that not all heroes wear capes.

Oh it's silly, oh it's very silly. But it's also funny, and an affirming ode to our inter-connected world.

Lee St. John, of St. Paul, is a viral smash thanks to his rather bizarre idea of making an "Earth sandwich."

He sought help from his Facebook friends to connect with someone on the "other side of the world," which led him to Subash Luitel, who lives in India.

Once they were connected, Lee made an unusual request of him: Go outside and put a piece of bread on the ground.

He would do the same, thus creating an "Earth sandwich."

"Four hours ago, I had a dream," he wrote on Facebook. "That dream was to make a sandwich out of the entire Earth. Tonight, my dream comes true."

Screenshots of their conversation were shared on Twitter and have been retweeted more than 100,000 times.

International media including the Irish Independent., the U.K.-based Press Association, the India Times and websites like Mashable have picked up the story.

"Honestly, I was just bored one night and thought it would be awesome to connect with a stranger from the other side of the world to pull off something funny and amazing," Lee told Mashable. "Thanks to the magic we all have at our fingertips, I was able to do that."

Lee has been using his 15 minutes of fame to raise awareness of his two favorite charities: Chive Charities and Heroes Meeting Heroes.

And after being connected with Subash through the majesty of bread, he tells GoMN he's working with his fellow members of the Minnesota chapter of Chive Charities to figure out a way to get his new Indian friend over to America – for a sandwich party, naturally.

(Just to clarify, India and Minnesota are in the same hemisphere and aren't true antipodes. The polar opposite of the Twin Cities is actually somewhere in the southern Indian Ocean and the closest landmass to it is the French Southern and Antarctic Lands – good luck finding someone from there. The India-Minnesota sandwich could work however if you think of it like an arepa.)

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