How to block 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' spoilers on the internet

We tested the best ways to avoid the scariest thing in the galaxy: Episode VIII spoilers.
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Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters Thursday night. But not everyone gets to see it right away.

If you're like me and have to wait to check out Episode VIII, spoilers are the scariest thing in the galaxy.

To help us all out, I've looked at some of the methods for blocking The Last Jedi spoilers online to see which ones work the best.

The simplest effective option: Unspoiler

The Unspoiler plug-in (available for Chrome only) seems to be the best mix of effective and simple.

Once it's installed, you type in the names of shows, movies or terms you don't want spoiled. Whenever you open a new page, Unspoiler will scan for those terms and block them with a red spoiler box. That's it.

Here it is on Reddit:

You also get a warning at the top of the page.

This has worked on every site I've gone to so far, but be careful: Sometimes there's a delay, where it will be a couple of seconds before Unspoiler blocks things. (Facebook was particularly slow.)

Also, it's not available on mobile. 

But overall this is easy to install (just click the add to Chrome option here) and works pretty well.

Mute words for Twitter

This is handy and covers desktop, app and mobile – but it's only for Twitter.

Go to your "Settings and Privacy" page by clicking on your profile image (if you're on mobile, you need to then hit "Privacy and Safety" too). Scroll down to the "Muted Words" option – and just start adding anything related to The Last Jedi.

Another nice option: You can set it indefinitely, or for a period of time. I've got mine set for seven days, so there's a nice buffer on the other end of it.

Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer is another plug-in – available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari, but not on mobile devices – but only works on Facebook. And it's kind of unwieldy, because it's not just about hiding spoilers.

Once installed, you'll get a large menu with option after option to tweak your Facebook feed. Look at this:

So yes, you can hide terms from your feed – but there's a lot to sift through to get there.

Seriously: Be careful playing video games online

This might seem ridiculous, but it happens.

A couple years ago, when The Force Awakens came out, some Xbox Live players spammed random users with messages containing movie spoilers

On top of that, there were Star Wars Battlefront players who changed their in-game avatar to reveal Force Awakens spoilers as well, ruining big moments for anyone who hadn't seen the movie yet.

Execute Order 66: Internet blackout

And of course, the most reliable step you can take is to just not go on social media or the internet until you see The Last Jedi.

Don't worry – your friends will still be there to talk about it once you get back.

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