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How to find The Rock in the Twin Cities on Super Bowl weekend

He'll be in town for an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

There's a whole heap of celebrities in town this week for Super Bowl LII, but if you ask us, they don't come any bigger (figuratively and literally) than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

The former wrestler turned global movie superstar is one of the guests on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, airing live at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis following the Super Bowl.

Now we're not ones to go all weak at the knees at the sight of a famous person, but there's something so damn magnetic and charming about The Rock.


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That's why we've pulled together a few ideas of how to increase your odds of "accidentally" bumping into him.

What we know

The Rock won't be here for long. In fact there's only going to be a three-hour window that he'll be in Minneapolis.

He'll be flying in during the Super Bowl, making a quick dash to the Orpheum Theatre for a chat with Jimmy Fallon, and then scooting on out of there.

He explained this on Twitter earlier this week.

So that means the odds of seeing him are slim, but not impossible.

Follow his social media

The Rock has a savvy social media game, posting to Twitter and Instagram regularly.

If you're looking for any hint of where he might be at a given time, keep an eagle eye out for his latest posts, and be ready to scramble to his location asap.

Here's his Twitter account: @TheRock

And his Instagram: @TheRock

Check out the Orpheum Theater

Fans lucky enough to get tickets for The Tonight Show will get their chance to see Johnson as he joins Jimmy Fallon on his post-Super Bowl show.

That's being held at the Orpheum Theatre on Hennepin Avenue. It's not clear yet whether there will be any red carpet situation outside the theater ahead of the show or if guests will be ushered in quietly through the back.

The Orpheum told us it doesn't have anything to do with the organization as NBC is renting the theater and running the show.

Wait at an airport

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, right? Well actually, that's probably wrong.

We can tell from his previous Instagram posts that The Rock tends to fly private (he's one of the highest earning movie stars in the world, so he can afford to).

That means there's a very good chance he won't be landing at MSP Airport, which is already going to be nearing max parking capacity from all the extra commercial flights landing in the Twin Cities ahead of this weekend.

The Rock could land at one of the three largest "reliever" airports for private jets this weekend, which the Pioneer Press reports are St. Paul Downtown Airport, Anoka County-Blaine and Flying Cloud in Eden Prairie.

Which one though? That's the question!

One more thing...

If one of you is lucky enough to come across The Rock this weekend, do us a favor by putting on a thick Scottish accent and saying the following:

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