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Hungry and stuck in traffic? Try Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's came through in the clutch for a driver.

It's been wonderedbeforebyplentyofpeople

And one Minnesota driver recently found out the answer.

The Minnesota State Patrol over the weekend shared this story of a driver who stalled and was blocking traffic on Interstate 35W back on July 2. As the trooper and the driver moved the stalled vehicle to a nearby parking lot, a Jimmy John's delivery car arrived.

"The driver ... stuck his head out the window and said the food was for him," the post reads.

The post mentions the driver was cited for a suspended license. But hey, at least he wasn't hungry anymore?

The State Patrol also reminds you not to eat and drive (it can get you a ticket for distracted driving, FYI). 

Is this standard Jimmy John's policy? There's nothing in their FAQ or terms saying they won't deliver to your car while it's stuck in traffic. But we wouldn't bet on every location being quite as understanding.

Here's the patrol's full post:

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