'I want mine for chemistry': Keith Richards' take on Bob Dylan's Nobel

All things considered, it's a miracle he's still alive – so maybe that is Nobel worthy.

Bob Dylan has a Nobel Prize and Keith Richards thinks he's deserving of one too.

Not for literature, like Minnesota's own Dylan, but for chemistry, the Rolling Stones guitarist told CBS Sunday's Jane Pauley.

If you don't know what Richards is referring to, there are few who can match the rock legend's notoriety for being one of the biggest hell-raisers in musical history.

He's been busted multiple times for drugs and counts his dead father's ashes among the many chemical substances ingested, injected or inhaled during his five decade span in the limelight.

All things considered, it's a miracle that he's still alive – so maybe that is Nobel worthy.

You can find out some more stories from Richards' heyday in this list of his nine most insane stories, courtesy of the NME.

Nonetheless, Richards' comments on Sunday were affectionate, given both he and the rest of the Stones have a great deal of respect for Dylan.

Before both the Stones and Dylan performed on the same day at the Desert Trip festival in California, Richards was thrilled about being on the same bill.

"I'd work with Bob any[where]. I'd work with Bob in hell or heaven. I love him," he told Rolling Stone.

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