If you've ever wanted to see baby opossums in a mama opossum, this video is for you

It's apparently pretty rare to see the babies in the mother's pouch.
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That hole in the opossum you can see in the photo above....that's not a hole, it's a pouch and it's filled with little babies.  

Unfortunately, mama was having surgery on its frostbitten tail when the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (WRC) noticed that it had babies in its pouch. 

"We figured it's something most people never have a chance to see," the WRC wrote on Facebook with the attached video. 

According to the Opossum Society of the United States, these marsupials have a pouch in their abdomen that provides its babies the warmth and nutrients needed to survive. 

The babies stay in the pouch for about 2 1/2 months. Once they get too big to fit, they climb out and ride on the mother's back until they're able to search for food on their own.

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