In the eye of Beyonce’s storm: 5 highlights from last night's show

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Rain and lightning couldn't hold back Beyonce.

The pop star's performance at TCF Bank Stadium Monday night (her first in the Twin Cities since 2013) was delayed by the weather.

But after 30 minutes of waiting for lightning to clear, Beyonce took the stage and the Bey­hive – clad in clear rain ponchos and “I Slay” tank tops (photos here) – stayed until she'd performed so many songs that when she donned a cape, it was like watching a superhero.

Here are five highlights from the show:

1. 'The Beautiful Ones' and 'Purple Rain'

Beyonce paid tribute to Prince during the show, singing a rendition of "The Beautiful Ones."

She then left the stage as the stadium lit up with violet and Prince's classic “Purple Rain” played over the speakers – with the entire stadium singing along.

Here are some more videos:

2. Take your time

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Of course the start of the show was delayed more than an hour because of weather, and the stadium breathed a sigh of relief when they announced the show would go on. Beyonce let anticipation build for another half hour, then finally inched onto the stage in perfect coordination with more than a dozen female backup dancers.

She thanked the crowd “for riding with me through the storm.”

The two-hour show was much like the builds and releases that prefaced her entrance. Knowles belted out her vocals, while managing dance numbers, costume switches, and reverent fans.

3. The visuals

The show was as much a spectacle as music performance, and included a moving walkway (which allowed dancers to leap forward while not visibly moving), a shallow pool that manifested itself on the stage for “Freedom,” and fireworks that connected with drum hits in “Halo.”

Further, her dancers' sharp, coordinated movements showed boot camp-level discipline from empowerment anthem “Formation” until the end.

4. 'I slay' and hair flips

Beyonce told the audience to shout “I slay” at the top of the show if they were empowered, strong, confident, or there to dance. Next, she had the crowd sing “Love on Top” – almost completely without her.

Beyonce let us mourn, then brought us together with a firetruck red lycra unitard, a compilation of classics, and hair flips to end all hair flips.

Every person in the packed stadium whipped their hair hard enough to cause a minor head injury. All of the ladies on stage threw it around with conviction, encouraging audience members to do the same.

5. Beyonce's evolution

Beyonce’s show, like her album and nearly two decades in the spotlight, demonstrated an artistic and emotional evolution. What started with messages about autonomy and self-­reliance in “Sorry” and “Run the World (Girls)” eventually turned into the cherishing of her family in “Love on Top” and “1+1.”

She finished out the show with classics like “Bootylicious” and “Survivor” (nods to both Destiny’s Child and self­-love).

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