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Indeed Brewing teamed up with a winery to make a sour beer-wine hybrid

It's a beer. It's a wine. And you won't find it many places.

Indeed Brewing has combined two great things – beer and wine – into one glass. 

The Northeast Minneapolis brewery teamed up with Adam McClary, a Minnesota native who's now the winemaker at California's Gamling & McDuck Winery, on a collaboration beer that's "blood red ruby" in color, a news release says

The "sour beer-wine hybrid" is named Cab Franc Wood-Aged Sour Ale and has floral notes of berries and cherry, the release says. 

This beer began as a barrel-aged red ale. It was then transferred to Gamling & McDuck's Cab Franc barrels and fermented, again, on 75 pounds per barrel of Cab Franc grapes. 

Indeed says they're not sure if the beer belongs in a keg or a wine bottle, so they put it in both.

Want to try it?

The first chance you'll get to try the sour beer-wine hybrid is at the Napa by Northeast event at the Nightingale in Minneapolis on Nov. 20. 

It's $60 (buy tickets online here), but includes a bunch of different beverages and snacks. Plus, brewer Adam Theis and winemaker Adam McClary will both be there to chat about the drink. 

The beers and wines you'll get to try include: the Cab Franc Wood-Aged Sour Ale; a pour non-carbonated version of the Cab Franc Wood-Aged Sour Ale and a glass of Wooden Soul: Heliotropic. 

You'll also get pours of Wooden Soul: Mango Helio; Gamling & McDuck's Cab Franc; and Gamling & McDuck's Chenin Blanc. 

All this will be paired with four small plates from the chefs at Nightingale. 

Indeed told GoMN they're not totally sure where else the Cab Franc Wood-Aged Sour Ale will be available because it's so limited, but keep an eye on Indeed's social media to find out if there will be other local tapping events.

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