Internet sensation 'Cubicle Guy' is former WCCO newsman McKinney

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The guy who kept popping his head up at the press conference of controversial New York politician Anthony Weiner is former WCCO-AM Radio newsman -- and new Internet sensation -- Jeff McKinney, WCCO reports.

McKinney, who left WCCO in 2010, is now a news reporter for WOR radio in New York.

But McKinney was noticed more for his looks than his voice on Tuesday at Weiner's press conference over sexting revelations, and before he knew it, Twitter was lighting up with the hastag reference #CubicleGuy.

"I didn't realize I was becoming famous as I stood there, taking notes and doing whatever I was doing," McKinney told WCCO Radio's Adam Carter in an interview.

Not everybody referred to McKinney as "Cubicle Guy." Celebrity gossip site TMZ dubbed him "Creepy Guy."

Other outlets picked up on the "Cubicle Guy" story, including New York Magazine, which put together a FAQ story on him.

A Tumblr page titled "Jeff McKinney: Scandal Reporter" has also been created, featuring McKinney peeking in on other press conferences by other famous faces rocked by scandals -- including former NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer, golfer Tiger Woods and former Sen. John Edwards.

Politico highlighted McKinney's unintentional appearances and even put together a compilation video.

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