Beyonce delay: Lightning forces evacuation of 35,000 before show begins

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They may not have been in perfect Formation, but a stadium full of people cleared their 35,000 seats when lightning was spotted near TCF Bank Stadium just before Beyonce's Minneapolis show was scheduled to start Monday night.

Under the stadium's lightning policy, events must stop when there's lightning in the area and fans are told to leave the stadium and head toward the U of M's neighboring Williams, Mariucci, or Ridder Arenas.

Some of Beyonce's fans did so.

But many others stayed put once they were in the shelter of the stadium's concourse and didn't leave the Bank.

The National Weather Service – aware that the policy is not popular – did its part to remind people why it exists.

The Star Tribune says the delayed start and stadium evacuation did not do much to dampen the crowd's excitement.

Earlier this month, lightning and rain delayed Beyonce's performance in Raleigh, North Carolina. But at least one reviewer thought the rainy weather actually added to the impact of the show.

In Minneapolis at about 9 p.m – after the area had been lightning free long enough – fans were invited back into the stadium for what promised to be a later-than-expected night.

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