Is it time for Wisconsin to put something new on its license plates?

A Wisconsin business leader wants to shift the focus off the farm.

Wisconsin drivers have been promoting "America's Dairyland" since 1940 but one of the state's top business leaders thinks it's time to rethink the slogan on their license plates. 

Kurt Bauer, who heads the group Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, floated the idea at a business luncheon on Monday, the State Journal reports

He suggested the multi-billion dollar deal bringing electronics giant Foxconn to Wisconsin might make it a good time to "modernize outsiders' perceptions" of the state. 

Bauer mentioned the official state motto "Forward" as a possible alternative to "America's Dairyland."

Dairyland still fits

Wisconsin is still America's number one cheese-producing state and is second in milk (behind California) using 2015 numbers. 

Some of the early reaction on Twitter was not behind the idea of moving away from "America's Dairyland." 

Later Monday Bauer clarified in an email to the State Journal that there's no lobbying campaign to change the license plate slogan right now, referring instead to his suggestion as a "conversation starter."

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce is the state's leading business lobbying group. 

An article Bauer wrote for their quarterly journal last year was titled "Wisconsin Needs an Image Makeover" and said the "America's Dairyland" motto might make it harder for the state to recruit millennial workers who prefer an urban environment.

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