Is Justin Bieber actually moving to Lake Minnetonka?


Rumor has it Justin Bieber is moving to Minnesota.

The pop star made the announcement last week that he's looking to buy a house on Lake Minnetonka because "it's just so beautiful."

We totally agree, Bieber. A lot of people would love to live there, but not everyone can afford a multimillion dollar home.

But for a celebrity who's repeatedly topping Billboard's charts, that kind of cash shouldn't be a problem.

While it might seem strange that a Los Angeles bad boy would want to head to Minnesota's suburbs, MBY News has an explanation: Bieber wants to get away and revisit the climates he's used to. He did grow up in Canada, after all.

Maybe he's hoping some "Minnesota-nice" will wear off on him. Who knows?

Actually, he knows. And so do the writers of the magazine that "interviewed" him. Bieber is not actually moving here. Sorry.

If the hoax caught you, don't feel too terribly bad. It's been circling around social media, being reposted and retweeted, convincing gullible fans – and haters – everywhere.

What would happen if the Biebs ever did move to Minnesota, for real?

Well some people would welcome him.

Others would be less than pleased.

And tourism at Lake Minnetonka might increase.

So use this as a lesson. Next time something crazy pops up on your news feed, take a minute before you get too worked up and write something you might regret. The website's home page might just tell you it's a "fantasy news site."

There are several notable celebrities who do actually have houses in Minnesota, though.

Prince is perhaps the best-known celebrity Minnesota homeowner. He has a place in Chanhassen.

"Thong Song" rapper, Sisqo, moved out to Maple Grove last year.

Actor Ned Beatty has been on screen many times. He's even done voice over work in "Toy Story 3" and "Rango." Now the actor lives in Karlstad in the northwestern part of the state.

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