Wyoming PD shuts down Twitter users that try to argue it's called 'soda' or 'coke'

Police departments from Kansas and Mississippi tried to argue otherwise, but were shut down.

The Wyoming Police Department, as we've written about before, isaTwitterMVP.

And their latest hilarious tweet crusade is about as Minnesota as things can get.

It all started when Wyoming PD decided to weigh in on a tweet from Milwaukee meteorologist Chris Nelson in which he declares, "Soda. It's soda. S-O-D-A."

Which set off this back-and-forth:

But it wasn't enough that Wyoming PD had to defend our correct usage of "pop" from a Wisconsinite. Other law enforcement from around the country started trying to bad-mouth pop.

The Wyoming Police Department did not let up in its defense, telling Lawrence Police, "Sorry about you being wrong," and quipping back to Oxford PD, "So THIS is why everything takes so long down south. We just cut to the chase and state the name of the product like everyone else calls it."

And as the department put it in a separate tweet: "It's POP not coke! Coke either comes with a red aluminum or a felony charge. Or both."

By the way, a guy named Joshua Katz actually put together a map of the U.S. a few years ago showing which areas call it the correct term of pop.

It found 47 percent of Americans – nearly half the country – say soda. Lagging way behind is pop, which is preferred by just 23 percent of the country. Coke nabbed 19 percent, and is generally a southern thing.

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