Jay Z to St. Paul: How you doin', Minneapolis!

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Make that 100 problems.

Rap mogul Jay Z made a small error on his Facebook page, and now his Minnesota fans are correcting the international megastar's mastery of Minnesota geography.

On Facebook, the artist has been big pimpin' his upcoming show at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

But his post says: ONSALE: Tickets to see Jay Z at the Xcel Energy Center in Minneapolis on November 30!

That touched a nerve among a few residents of the smaller Twin City. "I demand respect," as the song goes.

But fans are forgiving. A few Facebook comments:

"Luv ya Jay, but the Xcel is in the Capital city of SAINT PAUL in MN. Give us the luv, too."

"Thats not Minneapolis JayZ! Come to Minneapolis target center!"

"Epic fail. ...but love me some Jay."

So no big deal, Mr. Carter. Just a little dirt on your shoulder. Brush it off.

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