Joe's Crab Shack no longer exists in Minnesota

The chain closed the state's only location.
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In the mood for Joe's Crab Shack? Be prepared to drive about 250 miles.

With the surprise closure of the location in Roseville, Minnesota, this month, the casual seafood chain is officially gone from the state. This means the Joe's in West Des Moines, Iowa, is now the only one left in the region. 

And "surprise" is the correct word here, because, as Consumerist points out, many Joe's employees across the nation were dismissed with little to no warning last week. The closures (and layoffs) also hit Brick House Tavern, another restaurant chain owned by the same parent company as Joe's.

According to News Channel 5, more than 40 Joe's locations have closed across 19 states since Friday. 

The reason? Bankruptcy. 

Ironically, though, the chains are in the process of being bought by Landry's, Inc. – which originally owned Joe's Crab Shack (before selling it to the current owners in 2006), Consumerist says

You might've heard of the Roseville location before

This isn't the restaurant's first time in the headlines. 

Last year, there was an uproar when a couple of customers at the Roseville location noticed a photo of an 1895 Texas lynching under their glass tabletop.

After the photo was shared on social media, the corporate office issued an apology and removed the decoration. 

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