JonnyPops launches 5 new flavors – and they're mostly chocolate

Chocolate overload.
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JonnyPops built its name on fruit, but now it's expanding into chocolate.

The St. Louis Park popsicle company announced on Monday its new "Delight" line hits the shelves in Target, Costco and other grocery stores this month.

Known for its smoothie-on-a-stick pops that are made with 100 percent fruit and cream, the company is releasing five new flavors that are predominantly chocolate based.

They are:

– Dark Chocolate & Cream.

– Vanilla Mint Chocolate & Cream.

– Root Beer Float & Cream.

– Cold Press Coffee Chocolate & Cream.

– Cherry Chocolate & Cream.

JonnyPops' "Fruit First" line comprises strawberry, raspberry blueberry, mango, pineapple coconut, strawberry banana, and banana cinnamon.

It had previously made a chocolate coffee pop, but that now forms part of its "Delight" line, that will be sold in grocery stores in three-pack boxes with a recommended price of $4.49.


– Forbes gives props to founders of JonnyPops.

Erik Brust, CEO & Founder of JonnyPops, said: "We're excited to expand beyond our fruit lineup to offer the indulgent flavors our consumers crave, without all the empty calories and artificial ingredients traditionally found in the ice cream novelties category."

Brust and co-founder Connor Wray were recently named to Forbes' "30 Under 30" list of young entrepreneurs.

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