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Journey's Schon gets apology from tabloid in connection with suit against ex's mom


At least one issue appears to be resolved in a legal flap surrounding Journey guitarist Neal Schon, his ex-mother-in-law from Waseca and a British tabloid's claims over the musician's child support payments.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the Daily Mail in the UK has issued an "unusual high-profile apology" and will pay an unspecified amount of money to Schon.

The apology follows a lawsuit filed by Schon last month in Minneapolis against Judy Kozan, the former mayor of Waseca. Schon in the suit accuses Kozan of libeling him in blog posts that reportedly suggest that he has failed to support his ex-wife -- Kozan's daughter Amber Schon -- and their children, Aja and Sophie.

Schon, one of the founding members of Journey, married Amber Schon in 2001. The couple divorced in 2007.

According to the Star Tribune, Kozan, 63, claims that she didn’t mention Schon, 59, or her daughter, 33, in the blog posts, and blamed the The Daily Mail for creating the flap by incorrectly concluding that Schon was a deadbeat dad.

The Daily Mail in its apology said it "claimed falsely that Mr. Schon was a deadbeat dad and repeated allegations that he had neglected his ex-wife and two young children, leaving them in such a precarious financial position that they have no money for food or bills and that their home would have to be sold."

The Daily Mail also apologized for "claims that Mr. Schon was a 'drunk and abusive man' who had become 'increasingly spiteful and vindictive' using his money to bully his ex-wife and that his fiancée Michaele Salahi had turned him against his former wife."

The litigation against Kozan, meanwhile, still appears to be unresolved.

The Star Tribune attempted to contact Kozan by phone at her home and business on Monday, and Kozan in turn replied with an email that directed the paper to her attorney, Paul Godfread.

Godfread told the Star Tribune that he was unable to comment, noting it was "still early in the litigation."

Schon’s marriage to Amber Schon was his fourth marriage. he woman he's engaged to, Michaele Salahi, is a former reality personality from the cable show “Real Houswives of D.C.”

Michaele Salahi is also known for crashing a White House dinner with her then-husband, Tereq, in 2009.

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